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Detection Technology speeds up vehicle and cargo screening with release of X-Scan D series

Detection Technology Plc Press Release 23 March 2016 at 04.30 pm (CET +1)

Detection Technology Plc, a global provider of X-ray imaging subsystems and components, speeds up vehicle and cargo screening by introducing X-Scan D series. The new detector series accelerates the screening while enabling compact and cost-efficient system constructions. X-Scan D has superior detection efficiency and up to ten times higher sensitivity than conventional cargo detectors, making it an ideal solution for high-throughput systems operating with low dose rates on high and medium radiation energies.

The series comes with the state-of-the-art detector architecture with single and dual row pixel configurations. It has high-speed data transfer over the robust Gigabit Ethernet protocol enabling high scanning speeds with the standard hardware and the streamlined system architecture. It is built on the extremely low noise and compact digital platform, offering up to 95dB dynamic range with detector modules sized 10x10x15 cm. It enables excellent imaging performance to meet the threat and contraband detection requirements.

With separated detector elements and ideal absorption length the series achieves optimized radiation collection, minimized crosstalk and very high conversion efficiency. X-Scan D supports also dual-energy imaging for material recognition. The compact and efficient detector design enables overall system optimization with direct savings on enclosure and other hardware, while low dose rates result to minimal shielding and radiation exclusion zones.

“With our solution it is possible to see the finest details behind large amounts of steel by one, fast-paced scan. It meets the growing demand for easy-to-implement, easy-to-manage detectors with superior quality delivering time-to-market savings,” says Kari Hyvärinen, Vice President of Security and Industrial Business Unit at Detection Technology.

X-Scan D series, an enhanced product family of line detectors, serves the industry by enabling to exploit the single platform in versatile demanding, high-energy X-ray imaging applications utilizing low dose rate linear accelerators, betatrons or isotopic radiation sources.

“X-Scan D series is well-suited to cargo, container, vehicle and train screening. Moreover it is applicable to screening of all dense objects and heavy machinery multiplying the applications within industrial nondestructive testing (NDT) and computed tomography (CT).”

Furthermore X-Scan D has support for high pulse rates of 1000pps with short integration time to capture the radiation pulse while minimizing the noise. It also features pulse-to-pulse corrections for variation in radiation and dark level. Remote upgrade and diagnostic functions and detector health status secure the non-stop functionality, longevity and ease of installation and maintenance of detectors.

“When it comes to our safety, only reliable and robust solutions are acceptable.”

X-Scan D series is available globally.

For more information:
Kari Hyvärinen, Vice President of Security and Industrial Business Unit
+358 44 7564 007

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