X-ray inspection is a well established non-destructive testing (NDT) method in the automotive industry, and is used in a number of applications for quality control and to ensure high levels of safety. X-ray may be applied to prototypes during the development phase as well as for spot-check or even 100% coverage production testing.

Tire X-ray inspection is used to ensure tire quality and safety by detecting internal defects. We offer precision X-ray imaging solutions for inspecting a wide range of tires from small passenger vehicle tires (PSR), truck and bus tires (TBR) to extra large off-the-road tires (ORR/OTR). U-shape detectors produce a panoramic scan of a tire rapidly in a single pass. Our tire inspection solutions provide high image quality for detecting even small defects and may operate in demanding environments with high temperature and humidity.

3D computed tomography (CT) is a non-destructive testing (NDT) technology, which images the internal structure of objects in 3D. Furthermore, we supply advanced X-ray imaging solutions for a wide range of CT systems, ranging from medical to very large industrial systems.

Within the automotive industry 3D CT is used for applications including inspecting castings used in engines and gearbox casings. Internal structures may be measured and defects including fractures, porosities and inclusions may be identified. Very large CT systems based on our X-ray imaging solutions are able to scan complete vehicles to identify assembly defects or reveal how internal structures have deformed after crash testing.

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