Computed tomography (CT)

We have been the trusted supplier to the world’s leading CT manufacturers since 2003. Our photodiode arrays offer outstanding performance. Our product portfolio covers all CT detector needs, from cost-effective solutions used in value CT systems to high performance, tileable photodiode arrays used in high-end CT systems. Our photodiode arrays are manufactured with DT proprietary frontside illuminated (FSI), backside illuminated (BSI), and through silicon via (TSV) photodiode technologies.

We have strong and proven ASIC development capabilities to design ultra-low leakage current MOS switch ASICs, and ultra-low noise pre-amplification ASICs. Our modern, automated, high-precision assembly process guarantees our products are of high reliability and stability.

With our core competences in photodiode, ASIC and assembly technologies we offer products in different assembly levels, ranging from photodiode chips to full detector modules. Our strong experience in designing and developing CT detector modules ensures that customized solutions are quickly and cost-efficiently in use at our customers.

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