Medical X-ray imaging

This is not just a scan of healthy tissue. It is a patient saved.


For people’s health and quality of life, we provide high-performance yet low-dose detector solutions that have a proven track record in the most stringent medical applications.


Computed tomography

With us, you have all. As the industry first, we have off-the-self solutions for all medical CT imaging needs, from the value to the premium segment.

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Dental imaging

We provide speedy yet sharp digital CMOS flat panels for dental CBCT and 2D imaging to enhance patient experience.

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Surgical imaging

Go big on image-guided surgery with our solutions. We offer application-optimized variants for mobile and mini C-arms.

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When it comes to people’s health and quality of life, only reliable and robust solutions are acceptable. We are a highly qualified and trusted detector supplier in the field of medical X-ray imaging. We offer application-optimized and well-proven solutions for versatile medical imaging needs.

We are experienced in designing and manufacturing high-performance and cost-competitive detector solutions. With the cutting edge, solid state detector technologies and the unique optoelectronic device assembly process, our products meet the most stringent requirements. Our design capabilities and in-house factory enable us to provide a variety of products ranging from photodiodes to complete detector subsystems with ASICs, electronics, mechanics, software, and algorithms.

You may either find an off-the-shelf detector solution for your application, or customize your own.