Almost everything is extra small in the Aurora XS, except innovativeness and reliability. With its smart features, it enables rapid time-to-market of cost-effective urban security X-rays. Make a big impact with the Aurora XS.

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Enables rapid time-to-market of cost-effective X-ray systems.

Suits harsh imaging conditions.

Supports safe and easy installation and maintenance.

Provides good imaging quality with low X-ray flux.

Reduces energy consumption and CO2 footprint.

Resistant for electromagnetic interferences.

Fits compact system designs perfectly.

Adapts to a wide range of applications.

Meets industry regulations and standards.

Key features

  • Dual-energy detector solution boosted with novel algorithms
  • Robust structure with reliable mechanical and electrical interfaces
  • Simplified system design
  • Low noise solution
  • Fully digitalized data path
  • Very compact mechanical size
  • Wide sensitivity range from 0.25 pF to 31.75 pF with 127 steps
  • Controllable gain setting
  • ROHS compliant
  • Complete subsystems available including detectors, controllers and software libraries


  • Transportation (train and subway stations, seaports)
  • Buildings (banks, campuses, courts, hospitals, hotels, prisons, schools, shopping malls)
  • Event venues (stadiums, concert halls, exhibitions)
  • Logistics (mailrooms, parcel lines)
  • Mobile security systems

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The Aurora XS is a dual-energy X-ray detector solution that is designed to address the cost efficiency and reliability requirements of the urban security screening market. The Aurora XS adapts to versatile X-ray imaging systems, which secure safety on train and metro stations, and in public buildings and event venues, for example.

The Aurora XS is built on a novel detector platform that is boosted by unique algorithms and an application-optimized, single-chip ASIC. These smart features make reliable dualenergy imaging with a single-layer sensor possible.

The Aurora XS is equipped with a compact mechanical footprint, making it an ideal solution for small X-ray system form factors. The Aurora XS has a durable structure with reliable mechanical and electrical interfaces, and a robust sensor for stringent radiation hardness requirements, and harsh imaging conditions such as humidity, mechanical stress, and temperature changes. With its robustness and simplified structure, the Aurora XS also enhances more environmental sound screening than conventional detector solutions in the segment.

The Aurora XS provides imaging performance that meets industry regulations and responds to urban security requirements, even at low X-ray flux. The low-noise Aurora XS features a fully digitalized data path. It is equipped with an application-optimized, single-chip ASIC, which effectively mitigates the impact of external electromagnetic interferences. The Aurora XS has a wide sensitivity range from 0.25 pF to 31.75 pF with 127 controllable gain-setting steps, which ensure adaptability for the entire range of the urban X-ray screening applications.

The Aurora XS is available as a complete subsystem that includes detectors, a control unit, and software libraries for rapid time-to-market of cost-effective X-ray systems. Furthermore, it supports safe and easy installation and maintenance.