Standard 16-slice high-definition
detector solution optimized for
value medical CT imaging.


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Sets a new industry standard as the first off-the-shelf detector series optimized for value medical CT systems.

Built on a well-proven platform that features the highest integration level.

Streamlines multi-slice system designs and detector integration.

Speeds up the time-to-market.

Brings total cost savings.

Provides superior image quality with low doses at fast scanning speeds.

Features robust structure, and reliable mechanical and electrical interfaces.

Comes with a developer kit.

Key features

  • Scintillator, photodiode, ADC, and FPGA on a single PCBA
  • High-light-output, ultra-fast medical-grade GOS scintillator
  • Highly sensitivity, ultra-low dark current FSI photodiode
  • Low noise, high resolution 24-bit ADC
  • Adjustable integration time 200 μs to 100 ms
  • No charge loss sampling
  • 20 mm anatomical coverage at the isocenter
  • Digital LVDS interface
  • Adjustable full-scale range – 6.25 to 150 pC

The X-ACE 16 HD is a standard detector solution optimized for medical CT imaging needs in the value segment. The plug-and play-type solution is available as 16-slice detector cards, and alternatively as a complete subsystem that includes detector modules, X-DCB2 data combiner board and adapter, software libraries, and all the necessary accessories. The investment-free X-ACE 16 HD brings notable total cost savings and speeds up the time-to-market of CT systems in the highly competitive medical imaging market.

The X-ACE product family is built on the well-proven and modular platform. The platform covers a wide imaging area and features the highest level of integration, as a scintillator, a photodiode, analog-to-digital converters (ADC), and a fieldprogrammable gate array (FPGA) are assembled to a single printed circuit board (PCB). As a benefit, this means simplified system designs, straightforward integration, minimized risks, a streamlined supply chain, and detector solutions that are mechanically more robust and digitally enhanced.

The platform easily scales up from 16-slice to 32-slice system configurations to cover a wide range of set-ups, and enables either 10- or 20-millimeter coverage at the isocenter. The X-ACE 16 is a 16-slice detector for 20-mm, and the high-resolution HD version for 10- or 20-mm anatomical coverage based on the mode. Whereas the X-ACE 32 provides high-resolution, true 32-slice imaging with the 20-mm coverage.

High-speed data collection from the X-ACE detector boards is enabled by the X-DCB2 data combiner board. An associated adapter board is provided for slipring-based systems. The X-ACE detector subsystem has an optical datalink from the X-DCB2 to the host computer.

For speeding up design and system integration, world-class engineering support and a customer evaluation unit are available.