X-Scan U

Improves image quality, increases maximum scanning speed and saves the overall system costs.

Industry leading image quality meeting the tightest quality requirements.

Robust low noise digital signal.

Homogenous data over the detector active area.

The best signal to noise ratio.

Radiation hardness doubling detector lifetime.

First-class reliability.

Minimizes lifetime cost of X-rays.

X-Scan U series based on the novel digital platform improves image quality, increases maximum scanning speed and saves the overall system cost of industrial in-line and off-line nondestructive testing (NDT) of tires. X-Scan U series is an enhanced product family of U-shaped X-ray line cameras developed and optimized specially for high-speed digital tire inspection utilizing panoramic X-ray sources.

The series enables the industry leading image quality to meet the tightest quality requirements by providing robust low noise digital signal, homogenous data over the detector active area and the best signal to noise ratio for X-ray imaging. The series has the first-class radiation hardness increasing lifetime of the detector, up to two times longer. Combined with the excellent reliability and remote firmware upgrades and diagnostics, the series improves production efficiency even more and minimizes lifetime cost of X-ray systems.

Key features

  • X-ray source energy range: 30–160 kVp
  • Active lengths from 1382mm to 3379mm
  • Pixel pitches: 0.4mm and 0.8mm with binning
  • Min integration time 0.29 ms
  • 16-bit AD, dynamic range > 4000:1
  • Remote firmware upgrade
  • Covering tire bead sizes of 15-17 and 20-35 inches
  • Easy software design based on DT’s Software Development Kit
  • CE compliant
  • GigE interface


  • Automotive

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