Detection Technology enters a research consortium to develop detectors for novel medical imaging

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Supplement to the company announcement, inside information: Detection Technology acquires Haobo Imaging and invests in TFT technology to double its total addressable market

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Inside information: Detection Technology acquires Haobo Imaging

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Notice to the Annual General Meeting of Detection Technology Plc

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Name your need, we will deliver a-Si and IGZO TFT flat panel detectors

We have expanded our offering to a-Si-TFT and IGZO-TFT flat panel detectors. With us you have a one-stop shop for all your X-ray flat panel detector needs. Just name your need, we will deliver optimized a-Si, IGZO and CMOS detector solutions for medical, industrial, and veterinary X-ray imaging.

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at your service to plus your customer experience.

With myDT+, you will get the most out of your detector investment. Our services contribute to performance, time-to-market, uptime, lifetime, total cost savings, and sustainability of your X-rays. Just to list some of the pluses that the myDT+ service portfolio enables with a one-stop tactic. Learn more ›

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Tiny details done right make a big difference.

Having served the main players in the industry and delivered solutions to the most stringent applications for over 30 years, we know that tiny details done right make a big difference. That’s why we are always pushing the edge of design for a better performance. When it comes to people’s health and safety, only reliable and robust solutions are acceptable.

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