X-Scan ME

Ready-made photon-counting line cameras that simplify multi-energy imaging for multi-purpose industrial scanning needs.

Simplifies multi-energy X-ray system designs.

Scales to various system configurations.

Improves object detection rate, image quality, and material analysis.

Enables high penetration and high scan speeds up to 96 m/min.

Features robust water- and dust-resistant housing, and reliable mechanical and electrical interfaces.

Comes with a built-in liquid cooling circuit.

Enables straightforward and smooth system integration.

Supports easy serviceability.

The X-Scan ME is a complete product family of ready-made photon-counting line cameras and critical detector accessories that are designed for harsh industrial environments. The series is an ideal solution for the sorting, grading, quality inspection, material analysis, and optimization of complex manufacturing processes in recycling, food processing, mining, and other process industries. The X-Scan ME is a perfect fit for high-tier applications that require material discrimination capability beyond conventional dual-energy configurations, yet seek robustness, easy system integration, and serviceability for greater scanning performance and end-user experience.

The X-Scan ME is equipped with a precise sensor gap and alignment control, and VHF (very high flux) configuration. The series is powered by unique X-Card ME3 XC detector boards that feature doubled photon-counting capability compared to the previous board generation. In addition to multi-energy mode, the X-Scan ME has an effective energy range of 20 to 160 keV with configurable photon counting modes for making it easy to utilize the advantages of powerful multi-energy technology for multi-purpose scanning needs.

The series is built on an easily scalable and modular platform. It features robust, IP67-classified housing, and reliable mechanical and electrical interfaces. It has a built-in liquid cooling circuit for contaminant-resistant and reliable detector thermal management. The X-Scan ME comes with an application-fitted and robust control unit, the X-IM ME3-H.

Key features

  • Ready-made line camera series with proven ME sensors, X-Card ME3 XC
  • Several detector length and connector options
  • Precise sensor gap and alignment control with 0.8 mm native pitch
  • Very high flux configuration with doubled photon-counting capability
  • Effective energy range at 20 to 160 keV with configurable photon counting modes
  • IP67-classified enclosure
  • Liquid cooling system
  • Optimized control unit in a separate housing, X-IM ME3-H
  • API and SDK tools
  • CE compliant


  • Food industry
  • Industrial process control
  • Mining
  • Recycling and waste sorting

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