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With myDT+, you will get the most out of your detector investment. Our services contribute to performance, time-to-market, uptime, lifetime, total cost savings, and sustainability of your X-rays. Just to list some of the pluses that the myDT+ service portfolio enables with a one-stop tactic.

Application testing
Product commissioning
24/7 customer support
Failure analysis
Extended warranty

Always the best fit—no question

Application testing helps you to find optimal detector solutions early enough before X-ray system-level specifications have to be frozen. By trialing detector solutions with your real-life object, we can evaluate what detector would be the prime choice for the application-specific imaging requirements. When making the investment decision, you will have in your hands a proven detector solution that performs as desired. The trials can be run either at our facilities or yours. Our off-the-shelf demo units cover all our standard industrial and security offering. Why not take a trial!

Worry-free detector installations

To speed up development cycles and to maximize uptime of X-ray equipment, let’s minimize the time needed for commissioning and secure the reliability of detector installations. By relying on our expertise, you may ensure speed and quality of acceptance testing, and detector integration to your X-ray imaging systems. We take care that everything is done by the book, and our detectors are running at their maximum performance. Let’s boost installations!

We are here for you

We always aim to enhance the most important experience to us—your customer experience—in the way that is most convenient for you. You have the online myDT service portal at your service 24/7/365 free of charge. To boost further personal service and troubleshooting either remotely or on-site, we offer a variety of service-level agreements. How can we help you? Let’s find the best service model for you!

With us, repair means proven performance

We are known in the market for reliable and long-lasting solutions. But even the most trusted detectors may deviate from their optimal performance over time and require adjustments or repairs. To maximize lifetime and minimize downtime, you will get original spare parts and technical support from us anywhere in the world, quickly. By the way, did you know that all the products we repair are fully tested to ensure the best imaging performance for years? Let’s extend the lifetime of your equipment!

Know what needs to be fixed

Even the toughest detector solutions may fail unexpectedly. But before a fault can be fixed properly, it is crucial to determine the reason that caused the defect. We can help you to recognize the failure mode, and to conduct a failure analysis that will lead us to the cause. When we know the exact reason behind the failure, picking the right kind of corrective actions is possible, and the repair process will be straightforward. Let’s secure quality and speed of repairs!

No to unpleasant surprises

No one likes unpleasant surprises, especially when it comes to costs. That’s why we offer an extended warranty for your investment! It protects you from unexpected repair costs after the standard warranty has expired and brings peace of mind for the years to come. The extended warranty we offer is available for new items in one-year steps up to five years. Isn’t that something? Let’s control your costs!

Only the best quality, just in time

For greater flexibility on buffering, consignment, and lead times, we offer you warehousing services. You can trust that your goods are safe and well-kept with us. We pay close attention to storage conditions, packaging, and delivery methods favorable for sensitive detector solutions. We will deliver only the best-in-class quality, in the volumes you need, just in time to anywhere in the world your factory is located. Let’s drive flexibility in a controlled way!

Take full advantage of your investment

We are here to enhance your know-how either online or in person, so that you can take full advantage of the value-adding features of our detector solutions. We offer customized training on our products, application optimization, and software. We are also happy to share tips on maintenance and repair matters. Whatever your training needs are, we deliver a tailor-made learning experience for you! Let’s take your learning curve to its peak!

Pluses you get with myDT+


+ Easiness

+ Rapid response

+ Personal service

+ Maximized uptime

+ Maximized lifetime

+ Faster time-to-market

+ Better performance

+ Flexibility

+ Total cost savings

+ Smaller CO2 footprint

A true enabler of one-stop-shopping

The myDT+ service portfolio makes us to stand out as a true enabler of one-stop shopping. For 30+ years we have offered detector modules, data combiner boards, software libraries, and all the necessary accessories—and now service is part of our offering. This makes the optimization, development, buying, integration, and maintaining of detector solutions easier for you.

Pluses from piloting to recycling

We have designed the myDT+ service portfolio to support you from piloting new technologies and advanced development all the way to the end of the product life cycle and recycling. The portfolio adds pluses on top of the standard warranty and sales terms.


Just name your need, we are here to serve you

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Let’s drive joint value creation

We hope to meet you at our online hosted CEC (customer experience center) to drive joint value creation. The CEC boosts verification of detector solutions, testing proof of concepts, and demonstrating emerging solutions. It enables real-time, real-world testing of industrial and security applications. Either online or on-site, it is a space to collaborate and network for greater innovations.

Take a peek inside our CEC in Wuxi