The essence of our values: heart

We are passionate about our values — integrity, simplicity, driven and result — that are the foundation of our company culture. Our values define who we are and what we stand for and guide us to make right decisions. Our values are at the heart of our daily work, and we have placed our heart in everything we do for greater customer and employee experience.

Integrity is
at the heart of everything we do.

We practice integrity by

  • Caring for each other
  • Building trust by being transparent and keeping promises
  • Caring for our environment and striving for sustainability.

Simplicity stands for smooth customer experience.

We boost simplicity by

  • Starting from the customers’ needs
  • Being open to the question: is there a simpler way?
  • Building on Lean methods

Driven means seeking learning and growth.

We stay driven by

  •  Striving to delight our customers a little more every day
  • Being curious and open to ideas from anyone
  • Embracing diversity

Result is about the journey not only the outcome.

We deliver results by

  • Uniting as a team and staying close to our customers
  • Seeing challenges as a growth opportunity
  • Giving and seeking feedback and celebrating success