Create foresight capabilities quicker to discover and prevent threats.


Being the most trusted partner imaging the unknown.


Driven by clients’ and stakeholders’ challenges exceeding their expectations.


We design, manufacture and sell modular detection solutions empowering the imaging capabilities of the medical, security and industrial fields.


Rooted in fundamental science, we embed foresight capabilities into life saving equipment.


Our strategic target is to be the growth leader in digital X-ray imaging detector solutions and a significant player in other technologies and applications where we see good business opportunities.

The corner stones of our strategy

  • Focus on X-ray technology
  • Customer and equipment specific tailoring
  • Investments in research and product development and
  • Geographical reach.

Focus on our core competences

  • Technology development
  • Design of photodiodes, ASICs, electronics, mechanics, firmware and software
  • Critical processes
  • Final assembly and testing.

Our asset light business model allows flexibility in production and delivery of the products.