Food industry

X-rays are widely used in the food industry for quality control and to ensure product safety. X-rays offer exceptional detection of ferrous, non-ferrous, stainless-steel, glass, stone, bone and high-density rubber and plastic. Inspection may be performed on bulk products and packaged goods, including bottles, jars and cans.

In addition to detection of foreign objects, X-ray systems are able to simultaneously perform a wide range of other in-line quality checks like identification of missing or broken components, measuring mass/check weighing, portion control, checking fill levels, void detection, counting items, checking seal integrity, and checking for damaged packaging.

We provide a complete range of X-ray imaging solutions for the food industry, including dual-energy detectors for advanced applications such as CL (chemical lean) analysis of meat for real-time, in-line and highly accurate analysis of the fat/lean content. This is critical for meat processors who grade and sell meat according to the fat content.

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