Security X-ray imaging

This is not a scan of a bag. It is a trip made safe.

Security-X-ray-imaging bag

For people’s safety and smooth flow of passengers and goods, we provide solid and high-performance detector subsystems for a complete range of security applications.


Baggage and parcel scan

Avoid the average with our easily scalable detector solutions that are fitted for imaging needs from value check points to premium CT systems.

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Cargo and vehicle scan

Be amazed of value that our modular solutions provide for different scale cargo and vehicle scans from cars to shipping containers and even trains.

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People scan

When it is needed to scan people, let’s do it safely. With our carefully optimized solutions, you get high detection capability with minimized radiation dose.

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Securing safety and smooth flow of passengers and goods is always the primary driver for us when introducing detector solutions for security inspection. We provide off-the-shelf and customized detector boards and complete subsystems for all major security screening modalities from value to premium segments.

Our topnotch products are built on well-proven, modular and easily scalable platforms to boost time-to-market of end-to-end detector solutions. With the highest level of integration and simplified system designs, our security solutions provide superior image quality, feature robust structure and reliable mechanical and electrical interfaces, minimize risks, and streamline supply chains.