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Detection Technology makes the most of raw materials by introducing the X-Scan F series

Detection Technology Plc Press Release 20 June 2017 at 11:00 (EEST)

Detection Technology, a global leader in X-ray imaging solutions, makes the most of raw materials by introducing the renewed X-Scan F series. The X-Scan F, a product family of high-resolution X-ray line cameras, is designed for accurate and fast-paced quality inspection, and the grading and sorting of raw materials. As a flagship solution for sustainable development, the X-Scan F series minimizes the waste of materials and money, and reduces the throughput time especially in the recycling, mining, sawmilling and food processing industries.

The X-Scan F series enables the superior material separation capability of X-ray imaging systems with a dual energy imaging functionality and optimized sensors. The X-Scan F series comes with a single controller unit supporting enhanced multi-view systems triggering even more detailed multi-angle projections. The series utilizes extremely fast and sensitive scintillator materials providing the most accurate object detection. A pixel binning function embedded in the linear array detectors also makes it possible to balance the resolution and contrast of X-ray images.

“The X-Scan F series is ideally suited for industrial process optimization and quality control applications requiring the precise measuring of usable material, and detecting unwanted objects in it. For example, in metal recycling, the precise separation of different metals and even alloy grades enables more efficient utilization of the material and generation of more revenue from recycled metals when sold forward. The sorting of minerals by concentration percentage also boosts productivity in the mining industry,” says Tomi Fält, Manager of Product Management at Detection Technology.

“As a third example, it is crucial to know how much bark and non-usable wood like soft parts there are in a log and whether there are stones or nails in the log to maximize the value of timber and minimize waste in sawmills.”

The detector structure is always optimized for target applications. The plug-and-play type X-Scan F series is built on a modular platform making it easily scalable to various system configurations. Several different detector lengths are also available allowing the inspection of large-scale objects with a single line camera. The detectors’ pixel pitch ranges from 0.4 to 1.5 millimeters.

The X-Scan F series is based on a new generation digital platform providing over two times faster scanning speeds and quick data synchronization between the detector unit and a system computer. Detection Technology has introduced the series on the global market with a Gigabit Ethernet interface and enhanced diagnostic functions. The company’s X-View2 software development kit is available for X-ray system manufacturers and integrators to ease installation and integration.

Detection Technology will showcase the key features of the X-Scan F series at the Digital Imaging 2017 conference in Mashantucket, Connecticut, on 26-28 June.

For more information:
Tomi Fält
Manager, Product Management
+358 400 976 567

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