X-View2 ensures fast processing of x-ray images and system reliability

Detection Technology enables fast processing of the grabbed images and system reliability by introducing sophisticated X-View2 software development kit, applicable with all digital detector platforms of the company. X-View2 is designed for x-ray image capturing and manipulation in real-time and automatic troubleshooting of detector, making the digital x-ray imaging portfolio a perfect match for various security and industrial applications with high reliability requirements.

The development kit includes X-View2 application software supporting multi-detector and multi-view systems, X-Lib demonstration software with source code and X-Lib software library. X-View2 comes with an easy-to-use and easy-to-learn user interface and simplified, automatic troubleshooting procedure shortening significantly the time needed for equipment maintenance.

Starting from capturing x-ray images and acquiring data, and ending to visualize and analyze the data by using advanced image analysis algorithms, the all-in-one development kit speeds up the system development. Furthermore with X-Lib software library and X-Lib demonstration software, it is straightforward task to integrate X-View2 into customers’ x-ray application software.

The software development kit can be downloaded from the Partner Area.