Detection Technology hearts Heartray for future innovations in cardiac imaging

Today, a research consortium that Detection Technology belongs to has announced its new name, Heartray. The large collaborative consortium, which is developing an X-ray imaging technology to detect coronary artery disease before a fatal heart attack occurs, also launched a website to boost online visibility of its novel research.

“We are proud to be a partner in the Heartray consortium, and we consider the multidisciplinary and extensive technological know-how of the consortium to be an optimal ecosystem for future innovations. As cardiovascular diseases (CVD) are the most common causes of death globally, it is essential to bring out new innovations for cardiac imaging”, says Jyrki Still, CTO at Detection Technology.

Half of all heart attacks occur in people with no prior symptoms, and nearly half of these people die of their first heart attack. Heartray aims to develop a low-dose, reliable and cost-effective cardiac imaging method that enables screening of coronary arteries at primary healthcare so that pre-emptive treatment can be started early enough. The method will include both hardware and software, and it will utilize the latest X-ray imaging technologies and mathematical image reconstruction algorithms.

Heartray is being implemented in cooperation with various research organizations and companies. The consortium is led by the University of Oulu Research Unit of Medical Imaging, Physics and Technology. The collaboration kicked off in 2017, and Detection Technology has been a member of the Heartray consortium since the very beginning.

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