Detection Technology celebrates 25 years of foresaving with donation to Finnish Customs

To foresave has been Detection Technology’s business for 25 years. As the company enters its anniversary, Detection Technology has made a donation to Finnish Customs in the spirit of its mission to create foresight capabilities quicker to discover and prevent threats.

With the DT’s donation, Finnish Customs has purchased a Labrador puppy, called Hero, and will train her to be a drug detection dog. Hero was born in Kannonkoski, Finland on 9th of October 2016. She was carefully tested with tight criteria, and selected by the Customs’ experts. Today, a Customs Inspector acts as her supervisor, and provides a home for Hero also after the active service years.

The supervisor has started the training of Hero at the age of seven weeks by socializing and familiarizing her to the work environment. When Hero turns one year, she and her supervisor will attend an intensive training period of three months in the Finnish Customs’ dog training center. After the intensive course, Hero will be ready to serve Finnish Customs on daily basis, and will be given further education on shorter courses annually.

At the moment, about forty drug detection dogs are serving Finnish Customs. The dogs are working at border crossings, harbors and airports around Finland. Finnish Customs has trained and used drug detection dogs since 1969.