Disclosure guidelines

In its disclosure policy, Detection Technology Plc (“DT”) complies with Finnish law, the rules and regulations issued by Nasdaq First North Finland, and relevant guidelines provided by the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority. This disclosure policy describes the essential operating principles which DT observes when communicating with its stakeholders and the media. The purpose of the disclosure policy is to ensure access to simultaneously sufficient and accurate information on the company and its business operations to establish the price formation of securities issued by the company. Information is published without any undue delay and equality. The key principles in DT’s communications are consistency, equality, transparency, honesty and proactiveness.

Communication with the capital markets

DT publishes information as required by the disclosure obligation without undue delay simultaneously to all stakeholders consistently and accurately. In addition, DT provides supplementary information which is of interest to investors as described in this disclosure policy. DT undertakes active communications towards its stakeholders and aims to respond to the queries of investors, analysts and the media without undue delay. DT publishes regularly interim reports, financial statements, annual reports and financial statements bulletins. In addition, the company discloses all important information when necessary, on matters which, according to the company’s estimate, may have a material effect on the value of the company’s securities.

Financial reports

DT publishes information on its financial situation and strategy in its financial statements, annual report and interim reports according to a previously established schedule. The publication dates for the following financial year are published before the end of preceding year and is published in www.deetee.com in English.

Releases published by Detection Technology

The communications published by DT are divided into two types: 1) Company releases and 2) Press releases.

1) Company releases
DT discloses without undue delay all such resolutions, matters and events which, according to the company’s assessment, may have a material effect on the value of the securities issued by the company. Company releases are issued in Finnish and English.

Company releases are issued, for example, on the following matters:
– financial statements, interim reports
– amendments to previously published strategies and financial targets
– business transactions, such as acquisitions, divestments, joint ventures or partnerships, which are of major strategic importance to the company
– orders and sales contracts with a value of 10% or more of the relevant Business’ net sales or order book as reported for the previous full financial year
– other strategically important transactions for the company
– material changes to previously given estimates (see profit warnings below)
– significant projects and investor transactions
– proposals made by the Board of Directors’ to the Annual General Meeting and the resolutions passed by the Annual General Meeting regarding, for example, the appointments of Board Members and Auditors
– the appointments of the President and CEO and his/her deputy and other Senior Executive level appointments
– significant legal actions, legal proceedings or authorities´ actions
– flagging notifications

2) Press releases
Press releases aimed at general and professional media contain locally relevant information on events relating to DT’s business operations which do not fulfil the criteria for a company release but which are assessed to be of news value or otherwise of general interest for the media.

Distribution channels and languages

All material information regarding DT is published in www.deetee.com in English.

Silent period

Prior to results publications DT observes a 30 days silent period, during which DT´s representatives do not meet with capital market representatives nor provide comments on Detection Technology Group’s financial state or the future outlook of the company or its markets. The schedule for results announcement and silent periods have been disclosed in the investor calendar on the DT website.

Disclosure of future outlook and guidance

DT publishes outlook and/or guidance statements in its quarterly reports and financial statements regarding the company’s mid-term targets, market outlook and financial position. The statements are based on the management’s view of the development of the market and DT’s business.

If DT estimates that its financial position or operating capacity will deviate to a material extent from previously issued guidance, the changes are communicated immediately in a separate stock exchange release. The need for the profit warning is assessed and decided on by the President and CEO of DT jointly with the Chairman of the Board.

Roles and responsibilities

DT’s relations with the capital market representatives are led by the President and CEO. DT’s President and CEO is the primary contact responsible for dealing with investors, shareholders and analysts. The President and CEO is the DT’s main spokesperson.

Crisis situations 
Crisis communications are coordinated by DT’s President and CEO. Under exceptional circumstances all DT communications, depending on the situations, are assigned to designated persons and the focus of all communications is the assurance of the quality of information published, transparency, promptness and proactiveness.

Rumors, leaks and market assessments 
As a rule, DT does not comment on competitors, individual activities of competitors, matters related to the company’s owners or ownership, share price performance, analysts’ estimates, or market rumors. However, if rumors have a material effect on the value of the securities issued by the company, DT may consider issuing a company release to rectify any rumors or essentially incorrect information. If information materially affecting the value of the company’s securities has been prematurely leaked to the public, DT will issue a company release on the matter.

Guidelines for insiders 
Detection Technology manages inside information and insiders in accordance with the requirements of the Market Abuse Regulation (MAR), the Insider Guidelines of Nasdaq Helsinki, and its internal insider guidelines approved by the Board of Directors.

Nordea Bank Finland Plc acts as Certified Advisor of Detection Technology Plc.