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Detection Technology Plc: Organising meeting of the Board of Directors

Detection Technology Plc Company Announcement 20 September 2017 at 15:30 (EEST)

Detection Technology Plc: Organising meeting of the Board of Directors

In its organising meeting, the Board of Directors of Detection Technology Plc stated that Andreas Tallberg will continue as Chairman of the Board until the next Annual General Meeting. In addition, the Board of Directors elected members of the Remuneration and Audit Committees from among its members.

The compositions of the Board committees were decided to be as follows:

Remuneration Committee
Andreas Tallberg, Chairman
Petri Niemi
Henrik Roos
Hannu Syrjälä

Audit Committee
Heikki Allonen, Chairman
Pasi Koota

The Board assessed the independence of its members and concluded that all other members of the board are independent of the company and its major shareholders except Pasi Koota. Pasi Koota is independent of the company but not independent of its significant shareholders. Pasi Koota serves Ahlström Capital Ltd as CFO.

Detection Technology Plc’s Board held its organising meeting after the Extraordinary General Meeting today.

Detection Technology Plc
The Board of Directors

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Detection Technology Plc
Detection Technology is a global provider of X-ray imaging subsystems, components and services for medical, security and industrial applications. The company’s net sales grew 77% to EUR 76 million in 2016. The company has over 200 customers in 40 countries. Detection Technology employs over 400 people in Finland, China and the US. The company’s shares are listed on the Nasdaq First North Finland under the ticker symbol DETEC.

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