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Detection Technology brings BSI technology to standard products for greater performance

Detection Technology Plc Press Release 19 October 2016 at 10.00 am (EEST)

Detection Technology Plc, a global provider of X-ray imaging subsystems and components, brings BSI (back-illuminated) photodiode technology, known from stringent medical CT (computed tomography) applications, to standard X-ray imaging products. The benefits of BSI technology are now easily exploited in various X-ray scanning applications.

“We are happy to deliver greater performance for standard products. With our knowhow and new production lines, detector solutions based on the BSI technology are an attractive option within the entire X-ray imaging industry,” says Kari Hyvärinen VP of Security and Industrial Business Unit.

Detection Technology has been investing in the new factory, and building more production capacity for BSI technology to strengthen its technology base since last year. Now the company roll out standard offering on BSI technology by introducing a renewed X-Array series. X-Array series is an enhanced product family of back-illuminated photodiode arrays for numerous X-ray imaging applications like baggage, cargo, vehicle and industrial inspections.

The renewed series comes with high sensitivity, improved pixel-to-pixel response uniformity, and reduced or even eliminated crosstalk. Moreover, the back-illuminated photodiode technology with the flip-chip assembly process makes the detectors robust and reliable.

The X-Array series includes wide selection of standard parts easily fitted to customer applications. It covers pixel pitches of 1.2, 1.6 and 2.5 mm, and is available with several scintillator options and different pin lengths. X-Array series is designed to support both dual and single energy imaging configurations.

X-Array series is available globally with short lead times.

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Kari Hyvärinen
Vice President, Security and Industrial Business Unit
+358 44 756 4007

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