Our products are built on a modular, scalable and customizable architecture. Our unique business model enables us to provide products to meet your quality and performance needs.

We produce X-ray imaging subsystems for a complete range of security applications from baggage, parcel and cargo scanning to personnel screening and computed tomography. We convert customers’ needs to offerings and provide long-term value and service.

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+Air cargo scanning

X-ray is an established method of screening air cargo for security threats and contraband.

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+Baggage and parcel scanning

X-ray is widely used for screening baggage at airports. Additionally, X-ray screening may be used for screening baggage and mail at critical infrastructure facilities, including bus/train/subway stations, embassies, government buildings, stadiums, museums and hotels.

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+People scanning

Transmission X-ray provides an efficient means of personnel screening for identifying dangerous objects and contraband.

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+Portable scanning

X-ray inspection is not limited to fixed installations of large systems. DT’s detectors are also used in portable scanners, which enable rapid and safe checking of suspicious bags and other objects without moving them.

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+Train, vehicle and container scanning

X-ray is an effective tool to screen vehicles and containers at border crossing points, seaports, critical infrastructure and warehouses. Detailed, high quality X-ray images reveal security threats and contraband and may also be used for manifest verification.

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