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Feb 21, 2013

X-Card2 Release

Detection Technology introduces improved X-Card2 productsfor the next generation of industrial X-ray imaging. The new X-Card2 features the best imaging performance in the market:

  • The lowest dark image noise
  • The best dynamic range
  • The highest X-ray response
  • The widest gain range
  • Significantly improved radiation hardness
  • Improved robust design for harsh environment

With the improvement of X-ray response, sensitivity and wider gain selections, X-Card2 products will guarantee the same image quality with less X-Ray power, or alternatively help you to improve inspection of thick objects.

The improvements inradiation hardness and ESD immunity will help to save not only the system cost, but also the total lifetime cost of your system.

The deliveries of X-Card2 0.4-128G and X-Card2 0.2-256G will start in April 2013, and the deliveries of X-Card2 0.8-64G and X-Card2 0.8-128G in May 2013.

For further information, please feel free to contact DT account managers, or by email to contact@deetee.com