X-Scan H series

Easily scalable, digital end-to-end solution providing superior image quality for NDT applications.

X-Scan H01 series of linear detector arrays (LDAs) provides superior image quality by optimized photodiode and electronics designs, and careful material selection. The high absorption scintillator material and perfectly matching photodiode, and readout electronics enable excellent X-ray sensitivity. X-Scan H provides low ring artifacts by uniform and linear X-ray response, together with the wide dynamic range exceeding 16,000:1. In addition, minimized pixel-to-pixel crosstalk and a unique pixel separation design eliminate scatter effects effectively.

This digital end-to-end solution is built on a proven concept enabling easy integration, and accelerated development time of X-ray systems. X-Scan H series has high radiation hardness extending lifetime of detectors significantly, and reducing total costs. The series is available in several standard lengths easily scalable to various configurations.

The plug-and-play type series comes in 0.2 and 0.4 millimeter pixel pitches, with Gigabit Ethernet interface, and enhanced diagnostic functions. X-View2 software development kit is available to ease installation and integration. X-Scan H series is designed for CT, NDT and DR imaging solutions targeted to industries like aerospace, automotive, defence, mining, oil and gas.

  • The best-in-class image quality
    • Excellent X-ray sensitivity by high absorption scintillator material with matching photodiode, and readout electronics
    • Low ring artifacts by uniform and linear X-ray response, together with wide dynamic range
    • Low pixel-to-pixel cross-talk with unique pixel separation design eliminating scatter effects
  • End-to-end detector solution build on a proven concept
  • Based on a digital platform
  • High radiation hardness, enabling long detector lifetime, and reduced total cost
  • Easily scalable, standard lengths available for various configurations
  • X-ray source energy range: 225-800 kVp
  • Pixel pitch options: 0.2mm and 0.4mm
  • Dynamic range >16000
  • Scintillator material pixelated CdWO4
  • Gigabit Ethernet interface
  • Diagnostic functions
  • Easy software design based on DT X-View2 software and development kit

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