X-Scan F series

Maximum scanning speed and industry-leading radiation hardness for reduced life time costs.

The X-Scan F series is an enhanced product family of high performance linear array detectors for food, pharmaceutical and other industrial inspection applications. Available in a range of lengths and with a choice of USB, Ethernet or Frame Grabber interfaces.

Industry-leading radiation hardness maximizes detector lifetime, reducing the cost of ownership. Exceptionally low dark image noise coupled with wide dynamic range provides excellent image quality and detection capability for the most demanding applications.

  • High throughput design for maximum scanning speeds with long active length detectors
  • Increased radiation hardness for long detector lifespan and reduced life time costs
  • Industry-leading image quality and speed with high performance DT proprietary photodiode and ASIC designs
  • Superior functionality, including pixel binning, temperature drift compensation and constant integration time
  • Detectable X-ray energy range: 30 – 160kVp
  • Active length options: from 102 mm to 1638 mm
  • Pixel size options: 0.2 mm, 0.4 mm, 0.8 mm
  • CE marking (EMC directive)

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