X-Ray line DetectorS

Detection Technology offers a wide range of X-ray line detectors built on proven concepts. With our modular and easily scalable line scanners, we have made it easy to build end-to-end detector subsystems for various X-ray screening systems and configurations. We have standard detector module lengths available off-the-self, and customized line camera sizes with short lead times. Our dual- and single-energy solutions are typically applied within linear detector arrays (LDA) to form high-performance LDAs. Our X-ray imaging solutions let you enter markets faster and provide the best-in-class image quality.

Our solutions are optimized for various industrial inspection and material sorting applications. Our scanners meet the performance and reliability requirements of modern digital radiography and the most stringent applications like high-end computed tomography (CT) systems by optimized photodiode and electronics designs, and careful material selection. The most accurate material separation capability is enabled by dual energy and optimized sensors. Our solutions come with high radiation hardness enabling a longer detector lifetime and reduced total cost.

Furthermore, our X-ray line detectors provide robust data transmission and fast synchronization between detector units and a system computer enabling high scanning speeds.

X-Scan T

High sensitivity with a low X-ray dose. TDI-based cameras optimized for demanding industrial applications.

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X-Scan F series

High-resolution X-ray line cameras for accurate and fast-paced quality inspection, and grading of raw materials.

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X-Scan P series

Easily customized dual energy linear array detectors with the most accurate material separation capability.

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X-Scan M series

Modular linear detector arrays for inspection of large-scale objects. Easily scalable to different system lengths.

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X-Scan C series

Enhanced product family of fast, compact and waterproof linear array X-ray detectors for harsh environments.

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X-Scan L series

Ready-to-integrate X-ray detector subsystems enabling rapid time-to-market of baggage screening systems.

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