X-ray detector cards

Detection Technology produces high-performing and reliable X-ray detector cards on proven platforms originating from our knowhow of how designs and materials impact on performance and manufacturability. Our digital and analog detector boards cover a wide range of X-ray energies and pixel pitch options.

Our dual- and single-energy X-ray detector cards are typically applied within linear detector arrays (LDA) to form high-performance LDAs for various X-ray imaging applications. In addition, readout electronics are offered to create complete data acquisition systems shortening the time-to-market and delivering total cost savings. Implementation of digital X-ray imaging systems is made easy with the digital X-Card series and X-GCU with necessary accessories.

Aurora XS

A dual-energy detector solution with a single-layer sensor that is optimized for cost-efficient urban security X-ray systems.

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Aurora CT

Off-the-shelf CT detector subsystem for X-rays that meet the most stringent security equipment standards.

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Aurora series

The one-for-all, digital detector family that delivers value in simplicity for security and industrial line-scanners.

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Off-the-shelf, tileable CT detector module easily scalable, speeding up time-to-market and lowering total costs.

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X-Card ME3

Multi-energy X-ray detector board providing state-of-the-art material discrimination capability.

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