X-Panel 1511

Speedy yet sharp CMOS X-ray flat panel detector powering dental, surgical, mammography and industrial applications.

X-Panel 1511 is a CMOS X-ray flat panel detector making a real difference in the industry. The speedy yet sharp panel detector is optimized to boost the performance of dental cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) and panoramic X-ray imaging applications.

The CMOS flat panel detector is built on a well-proven and easily scalable platform, and it has an active area of 15x11cm. It enhances the patient experience and safety with a scanning speed that is at least twice as fast as the industry average, and the best-in-class image quality, while still offering low-dose operation modes.

The flat panel comes with a frame rate of up to 94 fps in full size and full resolution. This frame rate allows razor sharp images due to the reduced influence of motion blur, induced by patient movements. It is also capable of acquiring images at approximately 1,000 fps in a specific panoramic mode. The panel is powered by a programmable 16-bit ADC that provides fast, low-noise and high-resolution analog-to-digital conversion.

X-Panel 1511 has a medical-grade, structured cesium iodide scintillator. It features two gain modes: High gain and high dynamic range modes, and supports both continuous and synchronous triggering modes. Its optimized shoulder edge distance allows compact shell designs for easier patient access.

As a unique feature, X-Panel 1511provides a data buffer that can be used in a specific scan-to-buffer mode to store a full pack of images, up to 500 frames. This provides extra safety for imaging data management. It has a pixel size of 100μm and is designed for an X-ray energy range of 40-125 kVp. X-Panel has a robust Gigabit Ethernet interface, and a software development kit is available to support easy integration.

  • The fastest scanning speed in the industry
  • Best-in-class image quality
  • The best AD resolution, true 16-bit ADC
  • Image data buffer, a specific scan-to-buffer mode
  • Optimized shoulder edge distance
  • Pixel matrix of 1450×1100
  • Pixel pitch of 100μm
  • Two gain modes: High gain and high dynamic range modes
  • Programmable 12-16 bit ADC
  • Supports both continuous and synchronous triggering modes
  • Medical-grade, structured CsI scintillator
  • GigE data interface, optionally Camlink
  • Software development kit (SDK)
    • API / DLL enabling easy development of application SW
    • User interface SW for easy start / control and image acquisition

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