X-Panel 2301

1+1=3 and beyond, introducing X-Panel 2301 CMOS X-ray flat panel detector optimized for cephalometric imaging.

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Best-in-class image quality.

Large active area yet fast scanning speed.

Image data buffer, a specific scan-to-buffer mode.

Easy integration for 3-in-1 dental X-ray imaging systems.

Robust housing protecting electronics.

Key features

  • Pixel matrix of 2331×72
  • Pixel pitch of 100 μm
  • Two gain modes: High gain and high dynamic range modes
  • Programmable 12-16 bit ADC
  • Supports both continuous and synchronous triggering modes
  • Medical-grade, structured CsI scintillator
  • GigE data interface, optionally Camlink
  • Software development kit (SDK)
    • API / DLL enabling easy development of application SW
    • User interface SW for easy start / control and image acquisition


  • Dental cephalometric imaging

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X-Panel 2301 is a CMOS X-ray flat panel detector designed primarily for cephalometric imaging. X-Panel 2301 complements the X-Panel detector family targeted for the dental X-ray market. A combination of X-Panel 2301 and X-Panel 1412 boosts all mainstream extraoral dental X-ray imaging modalities. The combo facilitates to design and maintain imaging systems that run cone beam computed tomography (CBCT), panoramic and cephalometric applications.

The low-dose X-Panel 2301 detector has the largest active area yet fast scanning speed, which enhances patient experience
and safety. X-Panel 2301 comes with an active area of 233.1 x 7.2 mm, and a frame rate of up to 300 fps in full size and full resolution. The solution is powered by a 14-bit ADC providing fast, low noise and high-resolution analog-to-digital conversion.

As a unique feature, X-Panel is equipped with a data buffer that can be used in a specific scan-to-buffer mode to store a full pack of images, up to 2,600 full frames. This provides extra safety for imaging data management. X-Panel 2301 has a pixel size of 100 μm, and is designed for an X-ray energy range of 40-125 kVp.

The X-Panel 2301 design pays special attention to robustness and usability. X-Panel 2301 has a durable housing that effectively shields the vulnerable parts of the sensor and readout electronics. X-Panel has a Gigabit Ethernet interface, and a software development kit available to support easy integration.