X-Panel 1615d

Speedy yet sharp CMOS X-ray flat panel detector series with X-sized features for dental scans.

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Improves imaging performance with the largest active area in its class.

Features fast scanning speed for ultra-high frame rate options.

Equipped with compact, lightweight mechanics and inbuilt functionalities for ease of use.

Provides superior image quality, even at low radiation doses.

Comes with a developer aid kit and global engineering support.

Key features

  • Active area 161-by-150 mm
  • Active CMOS pixel sensor (APS)
    • Dual gain (LFW/HFW) 100um pixel
    • 14-bit ADC, frame rate up to 66 fps (@full frame and resolution, scan-to-buffer mode)
  • Scan-to-buffer mode up to 500 full frames
  • In-built differential double sampling (DDS) for extended scans
  • In-built offset, gain, and defect pixel correction
  • Fully programmable ROI
  • 1000BASE-T Ethernet
  • Imaging performance
    • Dynamic range up to 76 dB
    • >70% @RQA5
    • MTF @1lp/mm>60%, @2lp/mm>30%


  • Dental cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) and panoramic imaging
  • Image-guided surgery, mini C-arms

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The X-Panel 1615 is an application-optimized CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor) X-ray flat panel detector series designed for surgical and dental X-ray imaging applications. The X-Panel 1615 enhances both patients’ and healthcare professionals’ experience and safety, and eases the design of stringent medical imaging systems for shortening time-to-market and bringing total cost savings.

For greater digital imaging, the X-Panel 1615 is available in two models that are optimized to application-specific requirements, and offer use-case-driven add-on features. The X-Panel 1615s, which features in-built functions for extra image stability in long fluoroscopic scans, is a perfect fit for mini C-arms systems used in the surgical field. In turn, the X-Panel 1615d comes with a capability to scan full frames at record speeds, up to 66 fps, yet the data
transmission is secured through the 1000BASE-T Ethernet. This is made possible by a specific scan-to-buffer mode, which offers completely new scanning options for dental cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) and panoramic imaging.

The X-Panel 1615 models have the largest active area of 161-by-150 mm in its class. This improves diagnosis by enabling full-sized and detailed images of clinically relevant anatomy to be viewed, minimizes the necessary scanning time and as a result the overall radiation dose, and
streamlines workflows during surgical operations and dental treatments.

The detector models are equipped with compact, lightweight mechanics for flexibility and ease of X-ray imaging system design. The X-Panel 1615 can be easily integrated to small X-ray system form factors. In addition, the narrow frames around the active area shrink the shoulder edge distance in
dental applications.

The X-Panel 1615 utilizes a reliable CMOS imaging sensor (CIS) design that sets a new golden standard for high scanning speed and superior image quality, even with ultra-low radiation doses. The solution is powered by a 100-micrometer dual range pixel, and a programmable 14-bit ADC for fast, low noise and high-resolution analog-todigital conversion.

The X-Panel 1615 has an in-built pixel correction functionality that frees up the system resources for actual image construction. For improved image stability, the detector solution has a differential double sampling (DDS) functionality to remove the effects of undesired offset.

For speeding up design and the system integration, a complete developer aid kit is available. The kit includes an application-programming interface (API), demo software, necessary cabling, and developer guides.