X-Panel 1412i

Speedy yet sharp CMOS X-ray flat panel detector series optimized for industrial CT and DR imaging applications.

Provides the fastest scanning speed in its class yet razor sharp images at low radiation doses.

Optimized for static and real-time industrial imaging.

Supports a wide energy range.

Features high X-ray penetration.

Characterized by enhanced radiation hardness.

Built on a proven and reliable CMOS platform.

Equipped with durable and compact mechanics with multiple installation options.

Comes with application-optimized read-out electronics and a developer aid kit.

Key features

  • Active CMOS pixel sensor (APS)
  • Active area 140.1-by-120 mm
    • Dual gain (LFW/HFW) 100 μm pixel
    • 14-bit ADC, full frame rate up to 30 fps, ROI frame rate up to 300 fps
  • Optimized for X-ray energies up to 225 kVp
  • Industrial screen scintillator options
  • Programmable ROI mode
  • Dynamic range up to 76 dB
  • GigE data interface


  • Industrial CT (e.g., cone beam CT at additive manufacturing and casting inspection)
  • Industrial DR (e.g., weld and pipeline inspection)
  • Other high-resolution quality inspection and process control applications, for example in the electronics, food, and battery industries
  • Metrology


The X-Panel 1412i is a CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor) X-ray flat panel detector (FPD) that provides the fastest scanning speed in its class yet razor sharp images, and covers a wide energy range. It is an ideal solution for boosting the imaging performance of industrial CT (computed tomography) and DR (digital radiography) X-ray imaging applications. This use-case-driven detector is built on a proven and robust digital platform to accelerate detector integration to X-ray systems and time-to-market, to extend system lifespan, and to bring greater total cost savings for X-ray OEMs and system integrators.

The speedy yet sharp 1412i utilizes a reliable CMOS imaging sensor (CIS) design for high scanning speeds and image quality, even at low-dose operation modes. The X-Panel 1412i features a frame rate of up to 30 fps in full size and full resolution. In certain application-specific ROI (region of interest) modes, it is also capable of acquiring images at 300 fps. As an example of its key imaging quality parameters, the X-Panel 1412i provides a dynamic range of up to 76 dB.

The X-Panel 1412i has an active area of 140.1-by-120 mm, and robust screen scintillators, which are optimized for fast and high-resolution industrial imaging. It has two gain modes – high gain and high dynamic range modes, and supports both continuous and synchronous triggering modes. It has a pixel size of 100 μm, and is designed for an X-ray energy range of 20-225 kVp.

The X-Panel 1412i is characterized by high X-ray penetration for the inspection of dense objects, and an extended sensor lifetime under X-ray. It is equipped with durable and compact mechanics with multiple installation options for reliability and ease of X-ray imaging system design. The X-Panel 1412i can be easily integrated into small X-ray system form factors, like NDT (non-destructive testing) X-ray cabinets.

The X-Panel 1412i comes with optimized read-out electronics and a reliable Gigabit Ethernet interface. For speeding up design and system integration, a complete developer aid kit is available. The kit includes an application programming interface (API), a panel demonstration application software, necessary cabling, and developer guides.