The General Meeting shall elect one (1) auditor to examine the administration and accounts of the Company. The auditor shall be an audit firm approved by the Auditor Oversight with an authorized public accountant in charge. The term of the auditor shall expire at the closing of the Annual General Meeting following the election.

The primary function of audit is to verify that the Financial Statements give accurate and adequate information about Detection Technology Plc’s result and financial position for the financial period.

In addition the Auditors report to the Board of Directors on the ongoing auditing of administration and operations. The auditors give the shareholders an annual auditors’ report on the financial statements as required by law.

The Annual General Meeting 16 April 2020 appointed the approved audit firm Ernst & Young Oy as auditor of the company with Mr. Juha Hilmola, Authorized Public Accountant, acting as the auditor with principal responsibility. Fees for annual audits in 2020 amounted to EUR 118,744.