Frontside illuminated photodiode arrays


Frontside illuminated (FSI) photodiode technology enables manufacturing of large photodiode array modules for multislice CT scanners with high quality requirements. The photodiode array module can be equipped with switch ASIC’s which connect the photodiode elements to a data acquisition system in a specified way according to the operating modes defined by the customer.

A well-proven and optimized manufacturing and supply chain ensures cost effective and high quality sensor solutions. Detection Technology’s FSI technology can be used for medical, industrial and security applications.

  • Large FSI photodiode array for multislice CT applications
  • Photodiode array dimensions and individual diode geometry can be customized to any shape and dimension based on customer requirements
  • Photodiode arrays are tailored to interface with customer detector mechanics and data acquisition systems
  • Multi-mode switcher ASIC enables selection of different scanning modes as specified by customer
  • P type diode anodes on N type silicon substrate
  • Module internal interconnections utilizes microwire bonding technology
  • Switcher ASIC key functions: NMOS switch matrix, ESD protection circuitry, mode decoder

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