Digital X-Card series

The first generation platform shortening time-to-market and delivering total cost savings for all X-ray imaging systems.

The digital X-Card series is a X-ray detector board family based on Detection Technology’s first generation digital X-ray detector subsystem platform. The series has dual-energy or single-energy linear array X-ray detector solutions. The dual-energy digital X-Card has two-layers of silicon photodiode arrays with different scintillator materials, and copper filter in between in order to separate high­-energy and low-energy X-ray ranges. X-ray flux and energy are detected by the digital X-Card, and then converted into digital image data and finally sent back to X-GCU.

Number of digital X-Cards and X-GCU with necessary accessories provides a complete subsystem for X-ray image acquisition system with easy to use, high throughput and reliable Gigabit Ethernet PC interface. Complete subsystems are available including detectors, controllers and software libraries for a rapid system development.

  • Modular platform easily expandaple to a complete subsystem
  • Cost effectiveness, high reliability and easy maintenance for all X-ray screening systems
  • Wide sensitivity range from 1.5pC to 76.SpC with 12 steps for 1.5, 1.6 and 2.Smm digital X-Cards
  • High throughput data transfer (150 Mbps) with X-link based asynchronous LVDS communication
  • Short integration time down to 100us
  • Compact mechanical size
  • Pixel pitch options: 0.2, 0.4, 0.8,1.5,1.6and 2.5 mm
  • Both single-energy and dual-energy supported
  • Daisy chain connection between digital X-Cards
  • Separately controllable gain setting for each HE and LE card
  • Centralized remote firmware update by X-GCU
  • Enable local diagnostics functions: test patterns, temperature, humidity and voltage monitoring
  • Robust local configuration parameters management
  • Serial number readout for traceability
  • EMC compliance

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