Quality is built-in to our designs and processes, and the most importantly into us. To do things right the first time requires the quality first mindset and commitment from all of our employees.

Zero tolerance

It is possible to control a manufacturing process only if all possible variation sources are identified and minimized. When developing the process and getting the most out of the investment, it is a must to know what is done. We are committed to the zero tolerance, that’s why we know what’s done.

Building quality starts from the open, positive, and motivated work environment. We have put lot of effort for the well-being of our employees, and encouraging open communication. As a result our way of working is open yet carefully organized in every detail.

We execute process steps as planned, and follow up to date work instructions. Even the tiniest modifications leading to improvement are done by a well-controlled manner. Only this way we can turn the quality first attitude of ours to value for our customers and their customers.

Turning quality first mindset into customer value.

Zero defects

Certified operations are a starting point for delivering quality solutions. Our manufacturing sites are certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 standards.

We have taken our approach for continues improvement beyond the quality standards. We have developed our Lean manufacturing based on Toyota consultation, and our operators are trained to use Poka-yoke technique for detecting and preventing errors on daily basis.

For number of years we have used Six Sigma methodology to train our engineering professionals in R&D and operations. Six sigma at DT means that we have a comprehensive mechanism to improve quality of our processes through reducing systematically variation. Six Sigma gives us with our customers and suppliers an effective common language to improve and make necessary corrections permanently.

Six Sigma for reducing systematically variation.

Furthermore all employees are encouraged for continuous improvement by ongoing 5S, Gemba walks, and Kaizen. Every year we ramp up number of quality development projects according to our roadmap targeting to perform even better.