Environmental policy

We at Detection Technology PLC have recognized the need for minimizing our impact on the environment caused by our operations and products. We are therefore committed to

  • continuously assess our impact on the environment through measurements and audits of our processes’ and facilities’ environmental performance,
  • improve our processes and products with respect to environmental aspects,
  • protect environment by
    • using state of the art design and production methods and tools,
    • developing our manufacturing methods with focus on resource efficiency,
    • minimizing use of hazardous material in our products and production processes, and
    • managing waste according to the principles of reduction, reuse and recycling,
  • comply with applicable laws and regulations as well as internal policy, procedures and to enforce our own standards if necessary,
  • continuously improve the awareness, expertise and know-how of our personnel through training, and
  • openly communicate about environmental issues concerning our products and operations.

We, Detection Technology Plc Management, have approved this policy, communicated these principles to everybody in the company and actively ensure that these principles are followed.

17 October 2017

Detection Technology Plc
Management Group