Detection Technology is a highly qualified detector supplier in the field of medical imaging. With the cutting edge, solid state detector technology and the unique optoelectronic device assembly process, our products meet the most challenging demands in the computed tomography (CT) industry.

We are dedicated and experienced in designing and manufacturing high performance, cost-competitive detector solutions for you.

We offer high quality detectors for computed tomography, digital mammography, bone densitometry, chest X-ray, dental X-ray and other medical applications. Our design capabilities of photodiodes, ASICs, electronics, mechanics, firmware and software, and in-house factory enable us to provide a variety of products ranging from bare silicon photodiode to complete detector with digital interface.

You may either find an off-the-shelf detector for your application or customize your own detectors.

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+Bone densitometry (Osteoporosis)

Osteoporosis is a “silent” disease, with no symptoms until a fracture occurs, medical diagnostic testing is required to allow for early treatment. Bone densitometry is a quantitative measurement of bone mass or density; it is a non-invasive, inexpensive examination.

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+Chest and trauma X-ray

Digital radiography system with linear X-ray detector has main advantages of low cost, low radiation exposure and fast speed; moreover, study also showed linear slit digital radiography has better sensitivity for detecting rib fractures. DT’s linear X-card products are your best choice if you plan to develop slit digital radiography system.

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+Computed tomography (CT)

Detection Technology is a trusted supplier to the world’s leading CT manufacturers since 2003. DT’s photodiode arrays offer outstanding performance.

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DT supplies radiation detectors to direct conversion mammography systems. Its proprietary ultra-low noise processing technology offers the mammography systems impeccable detection performance. With the help of DT’s radiation detector, mammography systems can achieve the lowest radiation dose in the industry.

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We have what it takes to manufacture the most advanced digital image sensors for the area of dental radiography.

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+Surgical X-ray imaging

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