Recycling and waste sorting

Effective recycling relies on effective sorting. X-ray technology provides a highly effective means of sorting waste based on density or atomic number with the ability to distinguish materials not possible with other technologies. Detection Technology provides a range of X-ray imaging solutions for waste sorting, including advanced dual-energy solutions for material discrimination based on atomic number.


X-Scan T series

High sensitivity with a low X-ray dose. TDI-based cameras optimized for demanding industrial applications.

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Aurora series

The one-for-all, digital detector family that delivers value in simplicity for security and industrial line-scanners.

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X-Card ME3

Multi-energy X-ray detector board providing state-of-the-art material discrimination capability.

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X-Array series

High performance detector arrays in standard package with various scintillator and pin length options.

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X-Scan F series

High-resolution X-ray line cameras for accurate and fast-paced quality inspection, and grading of raw materials.

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X-Scan P series

Easily customized dual energy linear array detectors with the most accurate material separation capability.

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