Mineral sorting and grading. X-ray is a powerful technology for the sorting and grading of minerals, according to size or composition. Dual-energy X-ray technology enables ore to be graded and sorted according to its composition.

Conveyor belt inspection. Steel cord conveyor belts are widely used in mines, seaports, construction and cement plants. These belts may operate continuously at high speeds, carrying heavy loads over long distances. Conveyor belt breakages are very costly, often resulting in heavy damage and even loss of life. X-ray technology enables the automatic and continuous inspection of conveyor belts to give warning of belt damage which could lead to breakage.


X-Panel 1412

Speedy yet sharp CMOS X-ray flat panel detector series optimized for industrial and dental scans.

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Aurora series

The one-for-all, digital detector family that delivers value in simplicity for security and industrial line-scanners.

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X-Card ME3

Multi-energy X-ray detector board providing state-of-the-art material discrimination capability.

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X-Array series

High performance detector arrays in standard package with various scintillator and pin length options.

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X-Scan F series

High-resolution X-ray line cameras for accurate and fast-paced quality inspection, and grading of raw materials.

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X-Scan P series

Easily customized dual energy linear array detectors with the most accurate material separation capability.

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