Defence and aerospace

X-ray non-destructive testing (NDT) with its ability to inspect the internal structure of objects finds many applications in the defence and aerospace industries where precision, safety, quality and reliability are paramount. X-ray may be used to inspect castings, aircraft or machine parts and munitions for internal defects. In addition, security-type applications are common, including the screening of vehicles, cargo, personnel and suspect objects using either fixed or portable systems. See the security applications section for additional information.

Detection Technology is a leading supplier of advanced X-ray imaging solutions for 2D systems as well as for advanced 3D computed tomography (CT) applications. The range of solutions available covers low energy portable systems, up to systems utilising linear accelerators (linacs) as the radiation source with X-ray energies of up to 15MeV for penetrating very dense objects.


X-Panel 1412

Speedy yet sharp CMOS X-ray flat panel detector series optimized for industrial and dental scans.

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Aurora series

The one-for-all, digital detector family that delivers value in simplicity for security and industrial line-scanners.

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X-Card ME3

Multi-energy X-ray detector board providing state-of-the-art material discrimination capability.

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X-Scan M series

Modular linear detector arrays for inspection of large-scale objects. Easily scalable to different system lengths.

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