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X-Scan LCS (Download Product Brochure)

Detection Technology's flagship product, X-Scan LCS subsystem is a powerful imaging subsystem for cargo, container, vehicle and train inspection purposes. X-Scan LCS subsystem can also be applied to customized industrial high energy NDT (Non-destructive testing) systems.

The most appreciated characteristics of DT's high performance detector subsystems for cargo, container, vehicle and train inspections are

  • Varying standard pixel sizes for optimizing imaging system sensitivity, dynamic range for inreased penetration and resolution

  • Support for multi-energy imaging for material recognition

  • Fast scanning speed to support high through-put systems

X-Scan LCS features

  • Standard pixel sizes 2.3 mm, 4.6 mm and 9.2 mm

  • Extremely high conversion efficiency and dynamic range for all kinds of high energy applications

  • Compliant with single and dual energy non-continuous sources, like linear accelerators and betatrons

  • Compliant with continuous sources, like X-ray tubes and gamma radiation sources

  • Modular design for easy and cost-effective customization