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X-Scan iHE (Download Product Brochure)

Detection Technology's X-Scan iHE is an optimized series of products for high energy industrial NDT applications. The X-Scan iHE can provide the solution for very wide range of X-ray source with optimized X-ray absorption efficiency in the high energy range from 160KV to 5 MeV.


• 160 KeV - 5 MeV
• Active length from 410 mm to 1638 mm
• Pixel size options: 0.2 mm, 0.4 mm and 0.8 mm
• Integration time 0.8 ms at minimum
• 16-bit AD, Dynamic range > 8000
• Supports ethernet and frame grabber card interfaces


• High sensitivity and high speed for high energy NDT
• Optimized design high energy industrial NDT applications requiring high dynamic range
• Both continuous and non-continuous sources are supported.
• Cost efficient solution for high energy applications
• Customized applications available upon request
• Demo software with Ethernet interface providing a plug-and-play system
• Easy software design based on a control library and DT sample software code