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Other Medical Imaging Applications

Detection Technology currently supplies various customized detector products to mammography, bone densitometry and other medical imaging applications.

Detection Technology offers its customers one-stop X-ray and visible light detector solutions based on its core technologies, namely, photodiode processing technology, ultra-low noise analog and mixed-signal ASIC technology, and high-precision detector assembly technology.

Detection Technology's proprietary ultra-clean photodiode processing technology features ultra-low leakage current, high-sensitivity, very high break-down voltage and high reliability. The ultra-low leakage current leads to better temperature stability of an imaging system and higher dynamic range. High sensitivity leads to clear image with less dose. Very high break-down voltage allows detectors used under high-bias. In some applications, 100-volts bias is required in operation.

Detection Technology has strong and proven ASIC development capabilities, which allow customized ASIC products tailor made around existing IP cores to suit your applications. The main ASIC products developed for medical imaging applications include pulse-counting ASIC, low-noise mixed-signal pre-amplification ASIC, and ultra-low leakage current analog switch ASIC.

By the high-precision detector assembly technology, precision down to microns can be achieved in terms of displacement and flatness of detector components' active surface.

Besides all these, the long value-adding chain, from photodiode to subsystem assembly, allows Detection Technology to offer the most cost-competitive detector solution to you.