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X-Scan L-shape (Download Product Brochure)

Detection Technology offers standard and customized subsystems for baggage and parcel inspection.

X-Scan L-shape is an X-ray detector subsystem for baggage and parcel screening applications. L-shaped module contains DT's dual energy detector cards in a light, tight enclosure. Enclosure includes also X-ray beam collimator and necessary x-ray shieldings with beam stopper.

Applications include aviation security (Check point, Checked baggage and Air cargo screening) and other security critical facilities.

X-Scan L-Shape is available with or without mechanics enclosure. Contact DT for the models to a specific tunnel size.

General features of X-Scan L-shape products:

  • Dual energy X-ray detector array for applications requiring material discrimination

  • Single energy option for low cost systems

  • Sandwich detector with copper filtering. Available pixel pitches: 1.5 mm, 1.6mm, 2.5mm

  • Excellent penetration and resolution performance: over 30 mm of steel penetration and 40 AWG resolution.

  • Detector cards in a light tight L-shaped housing or as bare cards

  • Control board (X-DAQ) with 16-bit data acquisition and Ethernet or USB data connection.

  • Cable set and wide input range AC to DC power supply available

  • Scanning speed up to 800 lines/s (equals to 120 cm/s belt speed with 1.5mm pitch)

  • Demonstration software and interface library for application development.