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Computed Tomography (CT)

Detection Technology has successfully developed and been supplying several customized detector components for leading CT system manufacturers since DT entered this field in 2003. Product range covers 4-slice, 16-slice, 64-slice and higher slice detector components.

Detection Technology offers front-lit detectors, back-lit detectors, and detectors built from its proprietary Through-via technology. Thanks to its continuous development on photodiode processing technology through many years, and its strategy of cost-effective production, customers can have detectors with world-class performance and at the same time at reasonable prices.

Detection Technology has strong and proven ASIC development capabilities, which in medical CT field mainly designs ultra-low leakage current MOS switch ASIC and ultra-low noise pre-amplification ASIC.

Upon customers' request, detector products are offered on chip level, component level and higher assembly level. Chip level means diced and tested photodiode chips. Component level means detector component which usually includes a photodiode chip, a substrate, a few ASIC and connectors. Higher assembly level can be defined by customers, for example, to integrate read-out ASIC and mechanics.