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Baggage and Parcel Inspection

DT offers various products for baggage, parcel and mail inspection, starting from photodiode level and ranging up to the complete detector subsystem, typically including L-shaped enclosure, readout electronics and software to host computer. The software consists of interface libraries and a demo application.

DTs Products for baggage and parcel inspection:

Photodiode Arrays
- Standard pixel pitch options 1.6 and 2.5 mm
- With or without scintillators and X-ray filtering mounted.
- GOS phosphor screen for low energy detection
- CsI scintillator for high energy detection
- Possibility for CWO or ceramic scintillator for high energy detection in high scanning speed systems, eg. checked-in baggage screening
- Compatible with other similar arrays in the industry

DT is providing detector cards for applications requiring material discrimination. The detector cards provide a solution to reading the signal from photodiodes in to the system.
Typical applications are checked-in and carry-on baggage screening systems, where DT's detector cards are providing raw image data to be further processed and analysed.

DTs comprehensive range of single energy detector cards can be also used for mail and parcel screening applications as well as in simple baggage and personal belongings inspection systems.

Detector Subsystems
Complete detector subsystems can be provided for baggage and parcel screening applications. A subsystem includes all required blocks in order to detect the X-rays and provide pre-processed data to an imaging application in the host computer. Also mechanics enclusures for detectors and control and data aqcuisition electronics are available.

Customized products
Customised detectors can be built using existing or new building blocks, eg. photodiodes and ASICs. For a customized product in the area of baggage, parcel or mail screening,
contact DT for more information and  a quotation.