fast-forward TO OUR PRESENT

Since the company’s founding in 1991, we at Detection Technology have had a strong belief in our hearts in doing things differently. By combining market knowledge and customer intimacy with technology and engineering capabilities in an innovative way, we have delivered greater customer value. Fast-forward to our present to learn how we have succeeded.


The birth

Detection Technology was founded in Espoo, Finland on 11 December 1991 by Iiro Hietanen, Tuure Tuuva and Tapio Wiik, scientists with a CERN background. CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, in Switzerland is well-known for developing sensor technology for high-energy physics and space research. CERN is also the home of many successful breakthrough innovations, such as medical PET camera and the World Wide Web.

The company was founded to industrialize the ultra-sensitive sensor technology originating from the CERN research. Detection Technology started as a spin-off company from the Research Institute for High Energy Physics in Finland (SEFT), and the Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT). CERN also played a key role in testing Detection Technology’s solutions in years that followed.


The first operational year

The first operational year started in VTT’s premises in Espoo. Silicon strip and pad detectors, and complimentary readout electronics and hybrids were designed and manufactured for high energy physics research.



The first international location established to China. Cooperation with Tsinghua University, and silicon wafer processing started in Beijing.


Proprietary photodiodes

Production of proprietary photodiodes started, and the first shipments to industrial customers were done.


Mission on Mars

Detection Technology’s photodiode on the robotic spacecraft, Pathfinder, launched to Mars on December 4 by NASA. Pathfinder landed successfully on Mars’s Ares Vallis in July 1997, and analyzed the atmosphere, climate, geology and the soil.



Started shipments of detector solutions utilizing front side illuminated (FSI) photodiode arrays.


Facility to Ii

The new packaging and assembly facility in Ii, Finland was opened with help of Finnish government’s financial support. Premises with a clean room adjusted to the company’s specific needs to support its growth targets.


5” foundry

Photodiode wafer production started at the 5” foundry.


Revenue exceeded 1M€

Net sales totaled EUR 1.2 million in 1998, and the company employed 12 persons at the end of the year.


X-Scan introduced

X-Scan product family was introduced. Linear detector arrays for industrial X-ray inspection.


Medical CT detectors

Entered medical CT market. Since then, high-performance CT detectors has been shipped to the most stringent medical imaging solutions in the world.


X-Scan L

X-Scan L-shape launched globally. One of the world’s first commercial detectors for security inspection systems.


One-of-a-kind ASICs

Preamplifier ASICs introduced providing significant size and cost reduction of X-ray detector readout electronics.


Final assembly started in Beijing

Production started in Wangjing Beijing, focus on the final assembly of detector modules, and subsystems.


PCB replacing costly HTCC

Introduced a novel process to apply PCB (printed circuit board) material to replace costly HTCC (high temperature co-fired ceramic) substrates on CT detector modules. The innovation of low-cost detector module substrates was the game changer in the industry delivering remarkable cost savings for CT systems.


Cargo detector subsystems

High energy and performance cargo and container detector subsystems introduced.


Entered security CT market

The first X-ray detector modules designed and shipped for key players in the security CT market.



An office with focus on sales and technical support established to Ohio, Greater Cleveland Area in the US.


Production expanded in Beijing

Production capability in Beijing expanded by setting up a clean room for component assembly. Volume production moved from Ii to Beijing.


Internationalization Award

The President of the Republic of Finland Tarja Halonen granted the Internationalization Award to Detection Technology for its ability to develop, and implement new operational methods in its internationalization processes.


Photodiode and ASIC on same board

X-Card DE and SE series introduced to the security market. The concept combining photodiode and ASIC on the same board enabling various single and dual energy configurations without pins or sockets on the path of extremely small and sensitive photodiode current signal.


X-Scan U series

Detection Technology took tire inspection to the next level with launch of X-Scan U series.


6” foundry

Photodiode production started at the 6” foundry.


Net sales 10 M€

Net sales was EUR 9.9 million, and the company had 170 employees at the end of the year.



Shipments of imaging solutions based on back side illuminated (BSI) photodiode technology started.


To Boston

The US office moved from Greater Cleveland Area to Greater Boston Area.


Revenue 25 M€

Net sales totaled EUR 24.8 million in 2012, and the company employed 209 people at the end of the year.


Beijing site doubled

Beijing factory doubled by all measures like factory, clean room, and office floor space.


Net sales exceeded 30 M€

Net sales of 2013 totaled EUR 30.3 million, and the company had 269 employees.


Shipments for security CT accelerated

Significant ramp up of versatile detector solutions for security CT applications started.


From Ii to Oulu

Company moved its facility from Ii to Oulu. A new, class ISO 8 cleanroom established to support and speed up new product introductions.



Detection Technology successfully completed its initial public offering. The trading in Detection Technology Plc’s shares started on 16th of March 2015 on the Nasdaq First North Finland market place under the trading code DETEC.


8” foundry

Photodiode production started at the 8” foundry.


Digital X-Cards and X-GCU

A next generation digital platform introduced shortening time-to-market and delivering total cost savings for all X-ray imaging systems.


New factory to BDA

A new factory in Southeast Beijing Business Development Area (BDA) inaugurated on 4th of November. The production moved from Wangjing to BDA. R&D and sales remain in Wangjing.


Net sales over 40 M€

Net sales increased by 29.2% to EUR 42.8 million, and the company employed 341 people.


The year of digitalization

Implementation of a new digital detector platform delivering greater intelligence for next generation security and industrial X-ray imaging solutions.


BSI to standard products

Brought BSI (back-illuminated) photodiode technology, known from stringent medical CT (computed tomography) applications, to standard X-ray imaging products.


25th anniversary

To foresave has been Detection Technology’s business for 25 years.  Over the quarter century, the company has shipped over one million solutions, of which around 400,000 units to power CT systems.


Net sales increased by 77%

Net sales increased by 76.5% to EUR 75.5 million, and Detection Technology had 416 employees at the end of the year.

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